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In November 2014, the week of Thanksgiving to be exact, I found out that my mama (aka The Little Old Lady), may have Lung Cancer.  I was devastated.  The doctor scheduled her for surgery the following Monday.  I thought that was very quick, but it was also a relief that we would be through this in no time.  

The day of surgery, we both went into that day thinking, she does not have cancer, she cannot have cancer.  She's not sick and feels great.  During her pre-op appointment, I was told surgery should take about 45-minutes.  I figured no problem!  Boy was I wrong.  That was the longest day of my life.  Once I was notified she was in surgery, I estimated I would hear something from someone in about an hour or so.  That hour came and went, and I had no updates.  The time continued to go by and still no updates.  I was a nervous wreck and of course began to think the worst.  

Finally, over 2-plus hours later, I was told she was being moved into recovery, the doctor would be out shortly to see me, and I could see her in her room in about another 60-90 minutes.  When the doctor came to get me, I could read his face.  I knew what he was going to tell me and I broke down.  I heard the worst news ever.... MY MOTHER HAS LUNG CANCER!!!!  The doctor said he removed the tumor, half her lung, as well as all of her Lymph nodes.  I could not stop crying.  How could this happen to the strongest women I know?!?!?!  The woman who was mother and father to me…taught me to be the strong independent woman I am today?  I was devastated to say the least.

I was finally able to see her, but of course she does not remember any of this thanks to the wonderful medications she was on.  The morning of her discharge from the hospital, the doctor made her first post-op appointment, in which he advised he would have the pathology results back and tell us our next steps.  The next 10-days were hell on us along with the very few people that knew what was going on during this time.  We were of course expecting the worst and hoping for the best.

The day of her post-op, we asked Sissy to take us to the appointment.  Mama had not been cleared to drive and I was recovering from a major knee surgery.  We went into that appointment, expecting she would need additional treatments and both were ready to have Sissy shave our heads.  I was NOT about to let her go through this alone.  Sissy did not want to think about shaving our heads, but she would do it for us.  She also would not go into the room when were heard the post-op results.  As the doctor was giving us the results...he was speaking in “medical” terms and we had no clue what he was saying.  I finally stopped him and said, what does this mean in English.  He felt horrible and said...WE GOT IT ALL AND SHE DOES NOT NEED FURTHER TREATMENTS!!!  All she needs to do is continue to go for her regular tests and doctors’ appointments, but does not need treatments or medications of any kind. 

In February 2017, I got more horrific news I did not expect, nor did I want to receive.  Mama spends the winter in Las Vegas with Mo, as we all know the Little Old Lady HATES the Chicago winters.  She had not been feeling well and finally decided she wanted to go to the local emergency room as she was just getting worse.  Things got a lot worse while she was there and had additional respiratory health issues that had me take an emergency flight out to see her.  My Little Old Lady pulled through and we know refer to this as her incident. The day of the 2017 Hustle my team “Hustling for Mama!!” called her to let her know we did it and she gave us the best news every…she was being sprung from the hospital and could go back to Mo’s house until she was released to fly back to Chicago. What a way to finish the 2017 Hustle.

We were hoping 2018 would have been incident free, but of course we were wrong.  Why would anything go easy for us?  It seemed she would catch a cold in a drop of a hat and the majority of the time would end up admitted into the hospital with some respiratory issue.   It seemed we were becoming permanent residents of the local hospitals.  We thought we were being proactive when she was not feeling well in the past, but of course we needed to become even more proactive than we ever thought.  It is to the point if she sneezes or coughs I debate whether or not to take her to Urgent Care or Emergency Room or just call an ambulance. 

She must have been a cat in a former life numerous occasions she beat something that could have taken her away from me and everyone in her life.  My family is one of the lucky ones!!!  Mama is almost 4-years Cancer Free and has made a FULL recovery from cancer and her incident in February 2017. As her appointments approach, those are very hard weeks/days for us, but we go into it, we can handle whatever is thrown our way…come on what else to do you have for us to handle??

Please consider donating as I Hustle Up the Hancock in 2019, in which she will be waiting for us in our tutus at the finish line.  Every penny helps find a cure for this disease.  As I continue to “sling beer” I will also donate a percentage of all my tips earned (March 16, 2017 – March 15, 2018) in honor of my Mama, the Little Old Lady.

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page! Your support is appreciated as I participate in Hustle Up the Hancock. All donations will support the mission of Respiratory Health Association to promote healthy lungs and fight lung disease through research, advocacy and education.

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