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Thank you for visiting my Lung Power Team fundraising page. Here's a bunch of important stuff to read! With a fun surprise for my sponsors, somewhere near the end...

I have had some ups and downs since Hustle Up The Hancock last spring. I was training for the 2017 Chicago Marathon up until a back injury during my 12-mile run in Week 8 put me out of commission from running for about 6 weeks. After a brief relapse a few weeks ago, I'm finally back in the saddle again, but unfortunately too far behind for the marathon on October 8. I'm disappointed about the marathon, but I will be taking on the Chicago Monster Dash "Mount Doom Challenge" instead. It's a back-to-back 10K, 5K and 2.5K, on October 21st! After that, I'll be continuing training, for the Chicago Polar Dash Half Marathon  - in January! Bbbbrrrr!

So you're probably asking, "Why, Grover, whyyyyyyy?"

Well, I've been climbing and running for the Lung Power Team of RHAMC (Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago) for over 15 years. It started out for fun, climbing the Hustle Up The Hancock with the Flyin' Hawaiians. Even after our team dwindled down to two and then broke up, I still felt strongly about the mission of RHAMC. Smoking and lung disease has always been a health concern in my family and among friends and coworkers. I had a personal scare with pulmonary arterial hypertension a few years ago, and then last fall our Lung Power Team coach was diagnosed with Stage 3 lung cancer. She's doing fine now, but it's pretty scary when it hits someone you know. Most recently a coworker's mother was also diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, a grim prognosis. I'm dedicating this season's races to her!

So, where do these donations go?

RHA has had quite a few breakthroughs recently. They were instrumental in passing the Illinois Asthma Emergency Response Protocol bill, and then worked with other agencies to bring webinar training to school staff across the state. They are also a huge supporter of familes affected by COPD, developing a new resource "tool kit" and funding research and grants at Northwestern and U of I for asthma, COPD, lung cancer and pulmonary fibrosis. On the advocacy side, RHA has helped to decrease teen smoking by championing adoption of "T21" laws in many communities to raise the minimum age to purchase tobacco from 18 to 21. They also lobby for reducing coal-fired power plant pollution, and helped assure more widespread usage of renewable energy and further air pollution reduction through the passage of Illinois' Future Energy Jobs bill. RHA Also trains affiliates in many urban populations to provide their effective Courage To Quit smoking cessation program.

Learn more at www.lungchicago.org

These victories are all made possible by support from donors, and event participants like us! Please help if you can, as we continue to prevent lung disease, promote cleaner air, and help people live better through education, research and policy change.

As I promised at the beginning of my gratuitous spiel - everyone who makes a donation one way or another, even a dollar, has their name in the hat to win cocktails with yours truly at the Signature Room in the John Hancock Center! If you're not local (or just afraid of heights), I'll ship you a Lou Malnati's pizza instead! Drawing to be held on November 1st by a friend of mine who is an accountant, so it will be totally legit!

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Oct 20, 2017 7:30 PM
Go go go!
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Oct 3, 2017 7:33 AM
Kevin, your fundraising page is fantastic! Thank you for supporting RHA.
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