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Thank you for visiting my Lung Power Team fundraising page. Join me in the fight against lung disease. Please help me reach my $2500 goal by making a gift today. 

Here’s my story:  My mom, Judi, is my inspiration for running. And she’s the reason I seek donations for lung health research.  My whole life I pretty much can only remember my mom having a hard time breathing.  See, she was diagnosed with COPD/Emphysema in her 40’s.  Actually I think she was probably younger than I am right now when things started to get bad. Things progressed pretty quickly and she wound up getting a controversial surgery to take out the bad parts of her lungs in hopes that it would make it easier for her to breath.  Unfortunately it didn’t and she got put on the LUNG TRANSPLANT list.  Where she waited for three years, spending every day and night struggling to breath.  And finally one beautiful June day she got the call that changed all of our lives!  She got her transplant!  From that day on she was able to breath and truly LIVE an amazing life.  And live she did!  For the next 7 years she went from not being able to walk across her room to going to water aerobics 3 days a week.  And she volunteered with Gift of Hope to promote awareness for organ donation, even marching in parades and working with Jesse White! 

Science, research, and an amazing health care team had made it possible for my mom, Judi, to truly live life for the first time in a very long time!  And this was not lost on me.  As an ER nurse I see so many people who do not get that chance.  I wanted others to have this chance too and make things easier and better for those with lung disease.  And I know this happens through research and research doesn’t happen with out money to back it.  So 15 years ago I started raising funds in my mom’s name for the Respiratory Health Association.  I started an annual fund-raising drive for the Hustle up the Hancock (running 94 flights of stairs up the Hancock Builiding) and to date with the help of friends and family in the last 15 years we have raised a total of over $10k in my mom’s name. 

But this year I wanted to take it up a notch!  Strolling up 94 flights of stairs only takes me about 20 minutes…and my friends and family give very generously to see me do this in my mom’s name.  But I thought this year I’d give them a whole lot more bang for their buck…..This year I’m running the Chicago Marathon, a feat that will take me over 5 hours complete.  And I’m seeking donations in my mom’s honor to help continue to motivate me to train and keep going.

See, my mom was not the only one with bad lungs. I have asthma.  Thanks to a great medication regime, clean living, and modern science my lungs are strong and healthy.  And it was only 5 short years ago that I took up running as a means to a healthier life and strong lungs.  In that time I’ve run a lot of miles and several races: 5k, 10k and Half Marathons.  Now I’m ready for the Big Show, a full 26.2 Marathon. 

I’m seeking donations to support lung health research and the Respiratory Health Association.  This research is vital to people like my mom with COPD, like me, with asthma, and for countless others with lung cancer, pulmonary fibrosis, and a whole host of other lung problems.  Please consider any donation to help me reach my $2500 goal and further the mission of the Respiratory Health Association!

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Channeling your Mom, go for it!
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