LPT 2018
$41,000 Goal
66% of Goal
$26,963 Raised

Congratulations to the Lung Power Team!

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For more information, visit www.lungchicago.org/lungpowerteam

Top Fundraisers

Joe Ray Nelson$2,940.00
Mary Rosenwinkel$2,720.00
Virginia Antony$2,555.00
Melanie Santarelli$2,025.00
Steven Bloom$1,715.00
Samuel Lewis$1,575.00
Kim Marie Macygin$1,500.00
Molly Knoblett$1,480.00
Kerry Armstrong$1,370.00
Susan South$1,100.00
Sabrina Mills$978.00
Shannon Bouchillon$945.00
Anonymous $900.00
Martha Chase$825.00
Sara Duane$725.00
Stacey Woodward$620.00
Laura Ikens$600.00
Steven Bliujus$500.00
Susie Pyrz$410.00
Megan Cantu$380.00
Marie Asuncion$250.00
Adam Christianson$245.00
Bryan Wallock$200.00
Charles Cochran$200.00
Alissa Hodgson$80.00
Shannon Bouchillon  donated  $945.00        Scott Antony  donated  $200.00        Steven D Woodward  donated  $200.00        Anne Rothstein  donated  $100.00        Ben Cochran  donated  $100.00        Berg Family  donated  $100.00        Donna Bertling  donated  $100.00        Gordon Woodwy  donated  $100.00        Gunny  donated  $100.00        James Clark  donated  $100.00        Jane Spendio  donated  $100.00        Jill Krentz  donated  $100.00        Seth A Reilly  donated  $100.00        Sherry Smith  donated  $100.00        The Hyde’s  donated  $100.00        Lauretta Aldridge  donated  $75.00        Andy and Rhonda Brookhouse  donated  $50.00        Ann Nelson  donated  $50.00        Ann Nelson  donated  $50.00        Anthony A Emma  donated  $50.00        Anthony L Jacobson  donated  $50.00        Aunt Jeanne and Unlce Leo  donated  $50.00        Beau McBride  donated  $50.00        Brian Justice  donated  $50.00        Brooks family  donated  $50.00        Caitlin Mack  donated  $50.00        Chris Pederson  donated  $50.00        Chris Whiting  donated  $50.00        Corey Carlson  donated  $50.00        Dana Callahan  donated  $50.00        David Kane  donated  $50.00        David Turbenson  donated  $50.00        Eddie and Maria Olivo  donated  $50.00        Eileen Pflanz  donated  $50.00        Erin Tkachenko  donated  $50.00        Jeff  donated  $50.00        Jeff and Linda Wollerman  donated  $50.00        Jim and Jean McQuaid  donated  $50.00        Jim Crenna  donated  $50.00        Jimbo and Janet  donated  $50.00        Joe & Meggan Antony  donated  $50.00        Karen Neal  donated  $50.00        Kathleen Bailey  donated  $50.00        Katie Gaughan  donated  $50.00        Kelsey Lee  donated  $50.00        Kristen Antony  donated  $50.00        Kristin Illingworth  donated  $50.00        Martha and Bill  donated  $50.00        Michelle Tariverdian  donated  $50.00        Patricia O Segura  donated  $50.00        Patti Antony  donated  $50.00        Rachel Szostak  donated  $50.00        Raelee Edgar  donated  $50.00        Robin Mackell  donated  $50.00        Shala & Dean Buckner  donated  $50.00        Stacy Cranbrook  donated  $50.00        Stacy Orff-Whitfield  donated  $50.00        Stephanie Wilson  donated  $50.00        Susan Bates With Love  donated  $50.00        Tricia & Gary A.  donated  $50.00        Antonio Olivo  donated  $40.00        Dani  donated  $30.00        Kathy Bischel  donated  $30.00        Kristen W  donated  $30.00        Rob and Piorkowski  donated  $30.00        Susie Zimmer  donated  $30.00        Alex & Bellamie  donated  $25.00        Bike Metz  donated  $25.00        Brien Walker  donated  $25.00        Chris Nelson  donated  $25.00        Danielle Medina  donated  $25.00        Erin Cook  donated  $25.00        Frank Toy  donated  $25.00        Heath Altier  donated  $25.00        Jenni  donated  $25.00        Justin Loesch  donated  $25.00        Laura grant  donated  $25.00        Lauren DuBois  donated  $25.00        Lilian Lynch  donated  $25.00        Lynn St. Lawrence  donated  $25.00        Megmo  donated  $25.00        Michelle Odom  donated  $25.00        Bridget McGready  donated  $20.00        Nancy Armstrong  donated  $20.00        Natalie T  donated  $20.00        Anne Antony  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous Friend!  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous Friend!  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous Friend!  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous Friend!  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous Friend!  donated an undisclosed amount         Cathy & Chris Breitwnbach  donated an undisclosed amount         Chase Cochran  donated an undisclosed amount         Fletcher Stucky  donated an undisclosed amount         Jen Bruch  donated an undisclosed amount         Julia Burke  donated an undisclosed amount         maren seeland  donated an undisclosed amount         Megan Antony  donated an undisclosed amount         Melinda Berry  donated an undisclosed amount         Tina Mote  donated an undisclosed amount        
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