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$67,000 Goal
81% of Goal
$54,044 Raised

Welcome to the Hike for Lung Health website!

Registration is now closed but will be available on-site Sunday.

Click on one of the options below to get started! Questions? Contact us. 

For more information, visit www.lungchicago.org/hike

Top Fundraisers

Rebecca Weinberg-Doptis$8,401.00
Frank Shields$4,170.00
Grizelda Salazar$2,672.48
Rita Castaneda$1,910.00
Matt Siemer$1,676.20
Julie Campbell$1,511.00
Mark H. Kusatzky$1,200.00
Valerie Press$1,110.00
Anonymous Participant$755.00
Sydney Whitley$750.00
St. Wendelin's Catholic Church  donated  $1,000.00        Anonymous Friend!  donated  $185.00        Alton & Mary Harvey  donated  $100.00        Anonymous Friend!  donated  $100.00        Aon Foundation  donated  $100.00        Dale & Susan Tarantur  donated  $100.00        Dana Friedman-Graham and Doug Graham  donated  $100.00        Dr. Rania Agha  donated  $100.00        Exelon Matching Gift  donated  $100.00        Gevirtz & Born  donated  $100.00        Gwenn and Jules  donated  $100.00        Ray Buick, Inc.  donated  $100.00        Robert G. Clarke  donated  $100.00        Thomas A.  donated  $100.00        US Bank Matching Gift  donated  $100.00        Aimee Crow/Craig Garfield  donated  $50.00        Ana & Felix Trujillo  donated  $50.00        Anonymous Friend!  donated  $50.00        Arlinda McDearmon  donated  $50.00        Cheryl Keeler  donated  $50.00        Exelon Matching Gift  donated  $50.00        Gloria Meyers  donated  $50.00        Jan Caputo  donated  $50.00        Janet Williams  donated  $50.00        Joel Africk  donated  $50.00        Joel Africk  donated  $50.00        Mark and Nina Rossi  donated  $50.00        mia & mark  donated  $50.00        Mom  donated  $50.00        Ruby Shelton  donated  $50.00        Exelon Matching Gift  donated  $35.00        Glenn Janowiak  donated  $35.00        Joan Hansen  donated  $35.00        Josephine A. Cunningham  donated  $35.00        George Clements  donated  $30.00        Sue G.  donated  $30.00        Allen and Susan Snyder  donated  $25.00        Anna K  donated  $25.00        Beth Ritter Ruback  donated  $25.00        BP Foundation  donated  $25.00        Dolly Wilson  donated  $25.00        Eulelia Robinson  donated  $25.00        Janet Giambrone  donated  $25.00        Jeri Sue Welty  donated  $25.00        Luigia Tenuta  donated  $25.00        Maria Velez  donated  $25.00        Mike Zagorski  donated  $25.00        Anthony Frazier  donated  $20.00        Joe Gully  donated  $20.00        Joe Jenkins  donated  $20.00        Larry Batts  donated  $20.00        Maria Zdebski  donated  $20.00        Rebecca & Jose Nino  donated  $20.00        Rosemary Jordan  donated  $20.00        Tracey Burns  donated  $20.00        Valarie Lagerman  donated  $20.00        vanessa  donated  $20.00        Catwoman  donated  $15.00        Eugene Mays  donated  $15.00        Ann Scott  donated  $10.00        Dave Blankenship  donated  $10.00        Deb Gianokopolous  donated  $10.00        Doris Havak  donated  $10.00        Fred Trelka  donated  $10.00        Margie Brittin  donated  $10.00        Phil Krueger  donated  $10.00        Rennee Degler  donated  $10.00        Ron Culver  donated  $10.00        Rudine Batts Frazier  donated  $10.00        Sherlene McCoy  donated  $10.00        Bosie Lipscomb  donated  $7.00        Burton Brand  donated  $5.00        Catherine Bevan  donated  $5.00        John Photopilos  donated  $5.00        Joseph Morrissey  donated  $5.00        Laura Nagorsky  donated  $5.00        Lee Davis  donated  $5.00        Lutee Carter  donated  $5.00        Marlene Sowa  donated  $5.00        Marlene Wielgos  donated  $5.00        Mike Teschner  donated  $5.00        NCH Pulmonators Team Donation  donated  $5.00        Patrick Murray  donated  $5.00        Ray McCraren  donated  $5.00        Richard Samolja  donated  $5.00        Ruby Dilliard  donated  $5.00        Thomas Anderson  donated  $5.00        Anonymous Friend!  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous Friend!  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous Friend!  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous Friend!  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous Friend!  donated an undisclosed amount         Christine Burikas  donated an undisclosed amount         Debbie Kunkel  donated an undisclosed amount         Jamie Cicero  donated an undisclosed amount         Janet Evans  donated an undisclosed amount         Mary Rauen  donated an undisclosed amount         Rivera Family  donated an undisclosed amount         Sharon Homan  donated an undisclosed amount         University Hospitals Transplant Institute  donated an undisclosed amount        
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