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$67,000 Goal
8% of Goal
$5,183 Raised

Welcome to the Hike for Lung Health website!

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For more information, visit www.lungchicago.org/hike

Top Fundraisers

Frank Shields$1,000.00
Lisa Sharp$500.00
Rita Castaneda$410.00
Rebecca Weinberg-Doptis$392.00
Sarah Rittner$381.00
Jessica Jonikas$150.00
Julie Martin$100.00
Ray Kalinsky$100.00
Michael J Sabino$50.00
Anonymous Participant$50.00
Charles Freiberger  donated  $500.00        Frank Shields  donated  $500.00        Irene  donated  $500.00        Lisa Sharp  donated  $500.00        Helen Hammond Redding  donated  $250.00        Jessica Jonikas  donated  $150.00        Anonymous Friend!  donated  $100.00        Deanna Elias Close  donated  $100.00        Julie Martin  donated  $100.00        Ray Kalinsky  donated  $100.00        Susan Janko  donated  $100.00        Virginia Groark  donated  $100.00        Anonymous Friend!  donated  $50.00        Benjamin Kaplan  donated  $50.00        Candy & Libra Flores  donated  $50.00        Cheryl Keeler  donated  $50.00        Cheryl Keeler  donated  $50.00        Darcie Cohn  donated  $50.00        Elise, Andy, and Jackson  donated  $50.00        Jessica Pohto  donated  $50.00        Julie Doptis  donated  $50.00        Kelly Almonte  donated  $50.00        Megan Butler  donated  $50.00        Michael J Sabino  donated  $50.00        Nancy DeDakis  donated  $50.00        Pearl Family  donated  $50.00        Matt & Deb Weinberg  donated  $36.00        Susana Isaacson  donated  $36.00        MacKenzie Wilson  donated  $30.00        Anna Bless  donated  $25.00        Anonymous Friend!  donated  $25.00        Audrey Kaplan  donated  $25.00        Candace Barrigar  donated  $25.00        Lisa  donated  $25.00        NaDa Shoemaker  donated  $25.00        Rachel  donated  $25.00        Richard Leach  donated  $25.00        Sean Blaum  donated  $25.00        Brenda Burns  donated  $10.00        Javier E. Ponce  donated  $10.00        Jennifer Eskew  donated  $10.00        John Anderson  donated  $10.00        Rebecca Weinberg-Doptis  donated  $10.00        Anonymous Friend!  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous Friend!  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous Friend!  donated an undisclosed amount         Cosby Wauzer  donated an undisclosed amount         Ella P  donated an undisclosed amount         Hazel and Violet  donated an undisclosed amount         Lena Economos  donated an undisclosed amount         Margaret Greer  donated an undisclosed amount         Morrow Family  donated an undisclosed amount         Sarah's Mom  donated an undisclosed amount         Shannon Lindsey  donated an undisclosed amount        
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