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$185,000 Goal
76% of Goal
$141,435 Raised

For event details, visit www.lungchicago.org/cowalunga 

Top Fundraisers

Peter Debreceny$10,175.00
Steven Victor$9,054.00
Mark Gershon$5,246.00
Andy Jacobs$5,198.00
Michael Gelbort$3,514.00
Tyler Zenger$2,980.00
Christian Zenger$2,915.00
Joel Africk$2,814.00
Kristen Wengert$2,600.00
bryan merrill$2,380.00
Jennifer Gershon$2,258.00
David Carney$2,127.87
Suzanne Covoloskie$1,720.00
Joseph Doyle$1,625.00
Joseph Starzynski$1,559.30

Top Teams

Team Pactiv$10,792.87
LL62 Motley Cruisers$10,525.00
Team Tardy$5,739.15
Team CowaLunga$5,525.20
Team Speed Racer$5,491.00
Aqualung, my friends!$5,248.00
Team Fusion$3,199.30
Block Family$2,546.00
The Skirts$2,495.00
Pekron Pedalers$2,450.00
Knight Ryders$1,760.00
USA ScubaSteve$1,125.00
Michael Gelbort  donated  $1,500.00        Daniel Lavin  donated  $1,000.00        Hollinger Diagnostics, Inc.  donated  $1,000.00        Landes Levenstam Family Charitable Fund  donated  $850.00        Enns Family Charitable Trust  donated  $500.00        Brian Rempert  donated  $350.00        James Cuny  donated  $350.00        James Rose  donated  $350.00        Jennifer  donated  $350.00        Mike Ballas  donated  $350.00        Tom Barnett  donated  $350.00        Peter Birnbaum  donated  $325.00        Richard Sternhagen  donated  $325.00        Timothy Gordon  donated  $325.00        Google Matching Gift  donated  $300.00        Joy Dumke  donated  $275.00        Salesforce.org Matching Gift  donated  $260.75        Pat Thornton  donated  $250.00        Angela Giordano  donated  $200.00        Curtis Tillett  donated  $200.00        Elite Electric Company, Inc.  donated  $200.00        Mark Nora  donated  $140.00        Dave Redemske  donated  $105.00        Pepsico Foundation Matching Gift  donated  $104.30        AllianceBernstein Matching Gift  donated  $100.00        Benjamin Giampetroni  donated  $100.00        Dave Heber  donated  $100.00        David Potterton  donated  $100.00        Gloria Steber  donated  $100.00        James Hodits  donated  $100.00        Mary Pat  donated  $100.00        Michal Biernat  donated  $100.00        Morgan Kaufman  donated  $100.00        Nick Staggs  donated  $100.00        Nick Staggs  donated  $100.00        Nick Staggs  donated  $100.00        Pete Shannon  donated  $100.00        Rosemary Blazier  donated  $100.00        Susie Ko  donated  $100.00        Tom Graham  donated  $100.00        US Bank Matching Gift  donated  $100.00        Wolf Optometric Center  donated  $100.00        Yehuda Albin  donated  $100.00        Kristin & Gavin Duba  donated  $75.00        Suzanne Auburn  donated  $75.00        Jennifer Ryan  donated  $70.00        Anonymous Friend!  donated  $50.00        Anonymous Friend!  donated  $50.00        Gina  donated  $50.00        Josh Kaufmann  donated  $50.00        LaDawn  donated  $50.00        Robert Rees  donated  $50.00        Susan Colunga  donated  $50.00        Terry Williams  donated  $50.00        Microsoft Matching Gift  donated  $31.29        Charles Moehling  donated  $30.00        Lucas Brandt  donated  $30.00        Anonymous Friend!  donated  $26.00        Alejandra Lagos  donated  $25.00        alejandra lagos  donated  $25.00        Eileen Lowery  donated  $25.00        Eileen Lowery  donated  $25.00        Geraldine Aldrich  donated  $25.00        Jean  donated  $25.00        Jim Smith  donated  $25.00        Kenneth Ortiz  donated  $25.00        Laura Cullotta  donated  $25.00        Laura Kline  donated  $25.00        Laura Parisi  donated  $25.00        Linda and Bill Schuberth  donated  $25.00        Martin Sarano  donated  $25.00        Pamela Hochwert  donated  $25.00        Sanjeev Yarlagadda  donated  $25.00        sanjeev yarlagadda  donated  $25.00        Sanjeev Yarlagadda  donated  $25.00        sanjeev yarlagadda  donated  $25.00        Schneider Electric Foundation  donated  $25.00        Schneider Electric Foundation  donated  $25.00        Srinivas Mandadi  donated  $25.00        Srinivas Mandadi  donated  $25.00        Steven Isaacson  donated  $25.00        The DiAna's  donated  $25.00        Tim  donated  $25.00        Wayne Lee  donated  $25.00        Weston  donated  $25.00        Cash donations  donated  $24.00        Adamson Plbg  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous Friend!  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous Friend!  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous Friend!  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous Friend!  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous Friend!  donated an undisclosed amount         Carmen Wallace  donated an undisclosed amount         Chatfield Electric, Inc.  donated an undisclosed amount         Cindy Wolfson  donated an undisclosed amount         Ellen Lisak  donated an undisclosed amount         Jen Cybul  donated an undisclosed amount         Laurie Gramer  donated an undisclosed amount         Mark and Sharon Jolivette  donated an undisclosed amount         Mary Beth Flannery  donated an undisclosed amount        
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