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$18,806 Raised

Congratulations to the Lung Power Team!

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Top Fundraisers

Daniel Lavin$3,697.31
Kim Marie Macygin$2,220.00
Martha Chase$1,480.00
Matthew Cantu$1,250.00
Iwona Barnas$1,240.00
Kaitlin O'Hagan$1,225.00
Chris Roye$1,140.00
Esperanza Fe Borg$1,075.00
Steven Bliujus$1,055.00
Susie Pyrz$935.00
Anonymous $900.00
Lisa Felix$425.00
Sydney Weeds$405.00
Cory Sellers$325.00
Stephen Guendel$300.00
Marie Asuncion$300.00
Kevin Gill$285.00
Ryan Ort$250.00
Sherry Kowalski$100.00
Elizabeth Stein$40.00
Christina Burke$25.00
Kristian and Janic Walker  donated  $300.00        Jeanne and Mark  donated  $250.00        Cy Rohan  donated  $200.00        Dave Dilger  donated  $200.00        Matt & Chrissy  donated  $200.00        Maureen and Beth  donated  $200.00        Michelle Lavin  donated  $200.00        Michelle Lavin Jack H & Julie K  donated  $200.00        Maureen and Mike Lavin  donated  $177.31        Ann and Bob Dilger  donated  $170.00        Anonymous Friend!  donated  $170.00        Gus & Kathe Thanos  donated  $170.00        Stephanie Sims  donated  $170.00        Nancy Lucas  donated  $150.00        Rob Carlson  donated  $150.00        Andrew & Michelle Teibel  donated  $100.00        Ania i Marysia :)  donated  $100.00        Anonymous Friend!  donated  $100.00        Brad Boynton  donated  $100.00        Gail Korsmo  donated  $100.00        Jamie Ricci  donated  $100.00        Jay Feld  donated  $100.00        Kevin & Trish Ohagan  donated  $100.00        PATRICIA PHELAN  donated  $100.00        Phil & Pat Faris  donated  $100.00        Sheila Brennan  donated  $100.00        Steve & Laura Ferkau  donated  $100.00        The Bishops!  donated  $100.00        Boots Lavin  donated  $85.00        Gina Schwieger  donated  $85.00        Mary Jo Dineen  donated  $85.00        Sheila Lavin  donated  $85.00        Brian Felke &a Maggie Crnkovich  donated  $75.00        Tomasz Sz  donated  $70.00        Cheryl Coleman  donated  $50.00        Dana & Michelle Jones  donated  $50.00        Dave & Kathy  donated  $50.00        Dave and Mary Friske  donated  $50.00        Diane O'Neill  donated  $50.00        Handler Family  donated  $50.00        Janet and Brett Christophersen  donated  $50.00        Janet and Brett Christophersen  donated  $50.00        Jeff and Monica Harder  donated  $50.00        Jim Ferrara  donated  $50.00        Julie Reed Keller  donated  $50.00        Kevin & Donna Deck  donated  $50.00        Mary Ernest  donated  $50.00        Mary Phelan  donated  $50.00        Megan Pattison  donated  $50.00        Michelle Powers  donated  $50.00        Mickey  donated  $50.00        Mike Phelan  donated  $50.00        Morgan  donated  $50.00        Patty and Jack Deck  donated  $50.00        Pepsi Cola  donated  $50.00        Reedo Speedo  donated  $50.00        Sandy LifePower  donated  $50.00        Sarah Stichter  donated  $50.00        Shawn Thiele  donated  $50.00        Teri Campbell  donated  $50.00        The Deptas  donated  $50.00        Amy Campbell  donated  $40.00        Darlene Mattrfs  donated  $40.00        Cathy and Chris Breitenbach  donated  $35.00        Connie Bickford  donated  $30.00        Sarah Bent  donated  $30.00        Allison Lestina  donated  $25.00        Amy Golden  donated  $25.00        Annie Noonan  donated  $25.00        Kristin DeWald  donated  $25.00        LaNette King Heselton  donated  $25.00        Nancy Mule  donated  $25.00        Peggy Campbell  donated  $25.00        Your Sole Sister  donated  $25.00        Chris & Christina Kostouros  donated  $20.00        Christine & Pat O'Malley  donated  $20.00        Iwona Wiertelak  donated  $20.00        Kate O'Hagan  donated  $20.00        Peggy O'Hagan  donated  $20.00        zhan  donated  $20.00        Anonymous Friend!  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous Friend!  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous Friend!  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous Friend!  donated an undisclosed amount         Aunt Mary  donated an undisclosed amount         Barb & Ken Olsen  donated an undisclosed amount         Carol & Maynard Ostrowski  donated an undisclosed amount         Courtney Baur  donated an undisclosed amount         Debbie & J Schneider  donated an undisclosed amount         Emelie Engling  donated an undisclosed amount         Ginger Coyne  donated an undisclosed amount         Glenna Wilkinson  donated an undisclosed amount         Grizelda Salazar  donated an undisclosed amount         Kris Whapshare  donated an undisclosed amount         Kristen Whitworth  donated an undisclosed amount         Martha Willy-Burns  donated an undisclosed amount         Maureen Wadowski  donated an undisclosed amount         Murphy Family  donated an undisclosed amount         Patty & Ken Edwards  donated an undisclosed amount         Tom Rolfs  donated an undisclosed amount        
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